Night Court Podcast

In today’s podcast we’re going to be interviewing Mr. Smith who is the author of this famous book and host of this famous show. He’ll be sharing exactly how he got these amazing results when facing this difficult challenge…

The transcription for this podcast would go here. You can get it transcribed for a dime per minute at Just make sure you (or someone else) looks over the end product for minor errors. When you post a new episode, be sure to follow the following posting rules for the best exposure…

1. Record video
2. Send link to for transcription
3. Pick a photo from or for “featured image”
4. * Crop image to 685 x 260
5. Add ** watermark to your picture & save as post-title.jpeg
(replace post-title with the actual title)
6. Paste edited transcription in new post
7. After first paragraph add code.
8. On next line paste the video url (by itself)
9. Upload new featured image
10. Publish or schedule post

Logo is at

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